The Charitable Giving Fund

  • Organizes your grants
  • Provides an immediate tax deduction
  • Allows you time to select recommended recipients thoughtfully1

In 2017, donors used the Charitable Giving Fund to make a difference close to home and around the world: gifts of artwork and jewelry liquidated to support animal welfare, hedge fund interests used to aid sustainable farming, and more.

In 2017, education was a high priority for donors, with 2,860 grants totaling $113.62 million going to educational causes. Grants for public and societal benefit totaled $174.55 million—the largest amount granted to any one issue area.

Infographic showing the range of charitable causes receiving grants from the Charitable Giving Fund in 2017, with education leading the way at 2,860 grants amounting to $113.62 million.

Expanded options

One reason for the popularity of donor-advised funds among philanthropists is the ability to contribute complex assets—including private and closely held stock, real estate, art and jewelry.

The global nature of the Charitable Giving Fund is one of its most meaningful attributes. Donors can make grants internationally, and can even opt to grant in local currency if needed.

Map of the world displaying examples of the global nature of giving through the Charitable Giving Fund.

The Charitable Giving Fund organizes and administers your philanthropy, giving you more opportunities to focus on the causes you care about. You will also have access to J.P. Morgan’s insights, investment platform and dedicated Client Service team.

We work with you to ensure the assets in your account are allocated to your preferences, where they may grow tax free. In 2017, nearly 80% of assets in the Charitable Giving Fund were invested in vehicles other than cash or money market funds. Equities (including mutual funds and ETFs) made up the largest asset group.

The number of grants made from the Charitable Giving Fund has grown since its inception. Through December 31, 2017, donors made 49,804 grants to support the charities and causes that mattered to them most.

Chart showing the growth in grants from the Charitable Giving Fund. There were 689 grants in 2006; that amount grew exponentially with 11,865 grants awarded to charities in 2017.

The Charitable Giving Fund offers the option to maintain privacy while guiding the use of your charitable dollars. One donor recommended more than $20 million to fund capital and other projects at a college. Professional staff worked with school representatives on her behalf, stipulating granting and reporting requirements, as well as conditional terms for successive payments. The donor enjoyed bespoke service while remaining fully anonymous.

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Explore the Possibilities

To learn more about the J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund, or for a copy of the full 2017 Giving Report, please contact your J.P. Morgan Advisor.

1National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) is the public charity that oversees all donations to the Charitable Giving Fund and manages all grantmaking activities.