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As the current financial cycle reaches its later phases, many investors are shifting to more tangible assets, including property. We spoke to real estate experts from Knight Frank about the trends driving residential property markets in the UK, France and Switzerland.


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Against an improving economic and political backdrop, the French residential property market is enjoying a rebound, 40% driven by domestic demand and the remainder largely driven by buyers from northern Europe.

90% of new interest is coming from the international community. In particular, Cannes is seeing some record sales reported over the past six months. Prime Paris has performed well over the past two years, with an 18% rise values, according to Knight Frank. Historically low finance rates as well as attractive prices compared with other capital cities mean Paris is an attractive option for many buyers. Elsewhere, demand for ski resorts is also increasing.

Switzerland has retained its reputation as a safe-haven destination, with buyers attracted to the country’s economic stability, low crime rates and high standards of education. With interest rates in negative territory since 2014, investors are attracted to Swiss property as a tangible asset that could deliver a strong return.

In the UK, London remains popular with international as well as domestic buyers, with more ultra-high-net-worth people living in the city than anywhere else in the world. According to Knight Frank, 41% of properties within the £10 million to £20 million bracket were bought by people from the UK in 2018, while buyers from the US, Europe and China are generally purchasing more expensive properties. Notably, US buyers made up 31% of property purchases worth more than £30 million in 2018.

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