"I started out very naively, thinking I wanted a cure for my daughter," says David Panzirer, explaining what initially drew him to the fight against type 1 diabetes when his daughter developed the chronic autoimmune disease. "I think it's the way anybody in my shoes would've thought about it."

David soon learned that few chronic diseases have ever been cured. But, after consulting with experts across public charities, industry and academia, he began to see that there was still a clear opportunity to make an impact. Today, his mission to improve outcomes for those living with type 1 diabetes has led to a vast network of researchers and innovators working to ease the burden of the disease through new technology and novel therapies. The philanthropic program that David has helped develop actively seeks to support big ideas that others cannot or will not fund. And that approach to risk even includes funding to accelerate bold, early-stage research efforts that seek to prevent the disease before it starts.

“It’s about understanding the entire ecosystem that you’re trying to impact,” David explains of his goal-oriented approach to philanthropy. “It’s not just writing a check and walking away. I always say we’re not funders, we’re partners. And anybody who looks at us as a funder is not the right partner for us.”