Made possible by the kindness of donors like you, the Charitable Giving Fund hit a high-water mark in 2018 with nearly 15,000 grants totaling $518.8 million. From education, to the environment, to healthcare and the arts, those funds went to advance the work of over 7,300 separate charitable organizations. Since its inception, the Charitable Giving Fund, on behalf of its donors, has made over 64,000 grants amounting to more than $2 billion. 

A year of remarkable generosity

14,979 grants totaling a record high of $518.8 million were made to 7,304 qualified charities—109 were for over $1 million. Annual funding to qualified charities has also increased significantly, rising from $23 million in grants in 2006 to over $518 million in 2018. In total, donors have recommended grants of over $2.2 billion.

Individual grants and total values

Source: All data in the 2018 Giving Report courtesy of National Philanthropic Trust, 2019.

Where your gifts are going

While grants benefited a broad range of interests and causes, education remained donors’ highest priority, with nearly one of every four grants (3,622) and about one-third of all grant dollars ($168.5 million) targeted to education. Looking at the total number of grants, gifts to causes supporting human services and religion rounded out the top 3.

Total grants by cause

Source: All data in the 2018 Giving Report courtesy of National Philanthropic Trust, 2019.

Charitable Giving Fund

The Charitable Giving Fund at J.P. Morgan provides more ways to have an impact on the causes that matter the most to you. Like all donor-advised funds, it is a philanthropic vehicle established as a public charity.

The Charitable Giving Fund:

  • Organizes your grants
  • Provides an immediate tax deduction
  • Allows you time to select recommended recipients thoughtfully1
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When giving goes global

Donors have become more inclined to give internationally, with those grants more than doubling from 2017 levels. Donors recommended grants to charities in 25 countries outside of the United States, totaling more than $37 million.

Profiles in giving

Remembering his roots

Looking to help young adults in his home country to succeed in a globally competitive economy, one donor used the Charitable Giving Fund to help fund STEM education and global citizenship skill development at a South American university. Making donations to overseas charities requires an extra level of due diligence the Charitable Giving Fund was able to facilitate, successfully executing the grant for the donor.

Maximizing your charitable intentions

Through multiple benefits, the Charitable Giving Fund at J.P. Morgan helps you get the most out of your giving:

  • Immediate tax deductions and tax-free growth of your donations until grants are made
  • Expanded donation options including cash, publicly traded securities, illiquid securities, and hedge fund holdings
  • Greater investment flexibility
  • Ability to recommend grants globally
  • Flexibility to give anonymously

Getting Started

To learn more about the J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund, or to obtain a copy of the full 2018 Charitable Giving Fund Report, please read more here.


1National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) is the public charity that overseas all donations to the Charitable Giving Fund and manages all grantmaking activities.