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Everyone has their own definition of success. And it goes beyond finances. It includes your passions. Your concerns. Your interests. That’s why we assemble stories about today’s most exciting emerging artists. The latest trends and opportunities in philanthropy. Books you won’t be able to put down. Even what it takes to keep you and your family safe in a digital world. If it’s on your mind, it’s on our minds. And you’ll find it here.

Philanthropy essentials

What causes matter to you: Eliminating poverty? Gender equality? Climate change? Whether you’re just getting started or fine tuning your giving strategy, we have resources to help expand your knowledge about the world of philanthropy. There are always new causes to learn about. New ways to help. And new like-minded peers to collaborate with. With our collection of philanthropy essentials, you get access to all of it. Learn best practices with our how-to guides. Hear directly from leading philanthropists in our video series. Or stay current and discover new issues with our field guides. All designed to help you make a difference. Your way.

Connecting through art

Like you, we’re passionate about art. In fact, J.P. Morgan has a long-standing commitment to it. Founded by David Rockefeller in 1959, the firm’s collection focuses on modern and contemporary art with an international scope, complemented by artworks in all genres and media from ancient times to the present. Our collection yields a wealth of experience and insights, which we are delighted to share so that you can strengthen your own knowledge and collection. Consider our program a resource for best practices, global and local collecting networks, and open dialogue, whatever your level of interest in art and collecting.

Reading List 2018

Now in it's 19th year, the J.P Morgan Reading List highlights works that look to the past, present and future to deepen our engagement with the world as we know it today. These 10 nonfiction titles entertained, challenged and above all inspired clients advisors across our organization. We hope they move you in a similar way.

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Year-end is the season to appreciate the people that bring warmth and purpose into our lives and to reflect on the goals that fuel our passion. At J.P. Morgan, our clients are at the heart of both. We’re grateful that you’ve chosen us as a trusted partner to help you reach your goals — for 2019, for your loved ones and for many generations to come. Our relationships with clients are built to last, and it’s our privilege to stand by your side as you build your businesses, grow your families and embrace new experiences.

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Looking for timely market knowledge? Help with financial planning? Our finance podcasts offer useful insights and goals-based financial advice for all areas of wealth management. In a world of information overload, our perspectives help listeners make sense of it all. Because today, facts alone are not enough.

Eye On The Market

Join Michael Cembalest as he explores a wide variety of investment topics, including the economy, policy and markets.

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My Next Move

Join Michael Liersch as he shares goals-based planning insights and delves into actions that can help listeners strengthen their financial health.

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Fraud prevention tips

Fraudsters are getting smarter. But so are the teams working to thwart them. J.P. Morgan has controls and procedures in place to help protect your accounts from fraud. But fraud prevention is a shared responsibility. We’re big believers in empowering you to protect yourself too. In this section, you can explore the different ways fraud can occur and the steps you can take to deter and prevent it. Our insights and tips are here to help you stay in control.