Selling your business

Contemplating what’s next for your company? In the near future—or someday down the road? Either way, there’s a lot to consider. Our Private Business Advisory team provides sound, unbiased guidance. Because we’re not compensated as part of the sale of a business, you can be confident our view is impartial and rooted only in your best interest. Let us help you determine your best exit strategy. And add valuable insight and advice at every step of the process.

Aren't sure how to start? Or do you already have a sophisticated plan in place and just need a sounding board? Either way—or something in between—we're here for you.

We can help you with:

  • Market environment: Understanding the M&A environment and how market conditions may affect sale strategy.
  • Deal team assembly: Who you need on your team (lawyer, accountant, investment banker, etc.), what to look for in them, and when to start assembling a team.
  • Ideal buyer profiles: Which buyer(s) may be most advantageous for you to consider.
  • Ties to the business: How, if at all, you’ll need to be involved in the business after the sale.
  • Understanding the sale process: What your options are and which may align with your goals.
  • Competitive tension: Strategies for keeping an edge throughout the sale, to help yield the greatest value.
  • Deal terms: How to reconcile and evaluate transaction deal terms.

At J.P. Morgan, we see a lot of business transactions each year. Our team can give you a sense of what’s happening in the markets and what other business owners are experiencing.

Even if selling seems a distant possibility, it’s never too early to start pre-transaction planning. Get a sound team and plan in place. And get the most from the company you’ve put so much into.

It's not just about the value of the business. It's also about the deal structure and how you go to market.