International trust services

Around the world, we can help you and your family with multi-jurisdictional asset holdings and estate planning—no matter how complex they may be. Closely collaborating with your other professional advisors. Tailoring our support to suit your unique needs. All in the service of helping you ensure your wealth is managed and has the impact that you intend.

Your needs are unique—and can be complex. We’ve come to understand that through years of international estate planning experience with clients, their advisors and family offices based all over the world. Multi-jurisdictional arrangements, multi-level trust structures, private investment companies—and the tax implications and benefits that come with each. We’re ready in over 25 international locations to work with you on reaching your goals.

We can help you by providing:

  • Support. A team of experienced specialists works together seamlessly so that the advice you receive is informed by their collective knowledge in estate planning and trusts.
  • Flexibility. We are constantly mindful of the changing legislative and regulatory landscapes around the world.
  • Generational focus. We can help you and your advisors plan to meet your family’s needs for today, tomorrow—and generations to come.
  • Cross-border agility. Our fiduciary guidance can help you navigate complex transactions, even when they involve multiple jurisdictions.
  • Sensitivity to family dynamics. We help you take these important considerations into account when structuring for the future. 
  • Partnership. The best interests of beneficiaries are kept top-of-mind as we administer trusts and help with wealth plans.
  • Objectivity. Rely on us to provide independent advice and decision making.
  • Stability. We are a corporate fiduciary with a fortress balance sheet and committed to providing international trust services to our clients.

Where to place your trust

We enable you to establish your trust in The Bahamas or Singapore —two international financial centers known for their sound regulations. Both jurisdictions benefit from economic and political stability, and are considered a secure location for assets.

International trust services, tailored to you and your family

We will work closely with you and your advisors to develop a strategy to support your goals, family circumstances and assets. All this, while embracing the tax, legal and regulatory regimes of the jurisdictions where you and your family reside and your assets are located.

The strategy for your needs may involve one or a combination of:

  • Directed and discretionary trusts: Tailored to meet your unique circumstances and needs.
  • Purpose trusts: Provide opportunities for planning with concentrated positions, pre-IPO shares and operating companies, and can be used to hold the shares of private trust companies.
  • Private trust company: Offers ultra-high-net worth individuals or families an alternative framework to consolidate and manage family-related trusts.

Our dedicated team of professionals has an average of 20 years of experience in international estate planning and trust services. We are responsible for over $40 billion in assets around the world.1


1 As of February 2020.

You, your family and your assets may cross international borders. Your plans may be complicated. You need an experienced fiduciary with the ability to help you achieve your goals.

  • U.S. trust services

    A reliable, experienced trustee is crucial to ensuring your wishes are carried out, no matter how complex your needs are. With our team of seasoned professionals, you’ll find the fiduciary and asset manager you’re looking for.
  • International trust services

    For clients outside of the United States, we provide our trustee and trust administrative services from 25 locations across the globe. We can help you both take advantage of asset protection benefits provided by these jurisdictions, and meet all your home country requirements.
  • Delaware trust services

    Our Delaware trust administration team is powered by 50 on-the-ground specialists who understand every nuance of local trust law. And can deliver every advantage of one of the world’s most favorable and flexible trust jurisdictions.
  • U.S. estate services

    Picking the right executor—and the right team of supporting professionals—can make a meaningful difference in how easily and efficiently your loved ones will receive their inheritance. And how well your plans are carried out.
  • Specialty asset management

    Our specialty asset teams help manage the day-to-day operations and preserve the long-term value of non-financial assets in your trust or estate, such as real property, private businesses and mineral interests.

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