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You’ve been thinking hard about how you’re going to safeguard and transfer your assets to the next generation. For families like yours, that often means setting up a trust. But once you’ve decided on your structure and terms, you have another critical choice. Who’s going to oversee it? That’s where we make a difference. Because we have two centuries of trustee experience. Deep resources and capabilities. Objectivity. Accountability. And a profound commitment to the clients we serve.

From your wishes to your beneficiaries’ hands

You put a lot of care into setting the terms of your trust. You want someone who will pay close attention to the details when the time comes to carry them out. You also want a trustee with the chops to invest the trust’s assets for your family. And if you’ve put a specialty asset into that trust—like real estate or an operating business—you need professionals with particular experience handling those assets.

Whether you name us as trustee, agent-for-trustee or in some other capacity, J.P. Morgan will be deeply committed to the mission you have given us.  

How can we help you?

How we can work with your trust

As sole trustee

  • We take on complete responsibility for investments and distributions.    

As co-trustee 

  • We share responsibility for making investments and distributions with other individuals.  

As a directed trustee

  • We oversee all administrative responsibilities and can also be appointed to manage investments or distributions. 

As an agent for trustee

  • A trustee hires us to assume certain responsibilities but retains final say on all decisions.

What do we do?

When it comes to trusts, a better question might be “What don’t we do?” From helping you with your wealth planning to carrying out your plans, we’re with you and your beneficiaries whenever you need us.

Depending on where you are, how we work with you and your structure and trustee relationships, we can do some or all of the following:

Financial management  

  • Hold your trust’s assets.
  • Invest trust assets in accordance with your objectives.
  • Pay trust expenses and fees for services.
  • Provide trust accounting.

Planning and advice 

  • Analyze your specific trust provisions and create a long-term administration plan.
  • Balance the needs of all beneficiaries, including current beneficiaries—and sometimes future generations.
  • Offer objective decision-making and advice to you, co-trustees and beneficiaries.

Distributions and reporting  

  • Review and make distributions to beneficiaries as specified in the terms of the trust.
  • Communicate the trust’s performance and decisions regularly to beneficiaries, co-trustees and third-party advisors as necessary.

Tax and legal requirements    

  • Monitor, interpret, comply with and apply state and federal laws.
  • Plan, prepare and file your trust’s income tax returns.
  • Maintain all trust records and keep track of custody and legal ownership.

A trust can last for generations. You need an experienced trustee who knows the true meaning and honor of being a fiduciary, and has the resources to stick with your family for as long as it takes.

Capabilities are just the start.

We’re good at getting things done, but we’re more than just a collection of best-in-class capabilities. We look at your trust needs with your whole financial picture in mind. And put together all of our resources to provide:

  • Coordination
    As part of an integrated team, we act as a central resource to coordinate services, providers and communications, to counsel beneficiaries and to mediate conflicts.
  • Continuity
    As one of the strongest and longest tenured providers of trust services, we offer valuable continuity. Across beneficiaries with differing situations and goals. Across jurisdictions seamlessly. And across multiple generations.
  • Confidence
    You’ll know that you have a professional fiduciary that’s subject to regulatory review and corporate oversight behind you. And an objective, independent source of advice at your side.

Specialized services for international trusts

For clients outside of the US, we provide our trustee and trust administration services from 25 international locations. We operate through entities in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Delaware and New Zealand.

In addition to our core services, we are prepared to meet all of your home-country requirements. And help you take advantage of the tax and other asset protection benefits provided by the trust jurisdictions.

Our 60-plus international trust specialists provide custom support for the most sophisticated solutions. Including multi-jurisdictional arrangements. Complex multi-level trust structures. And management services for private investments companies (PIC).

A smart investment in your family’s financial future

To us, each trust we support is special. So we give each trust our special attention. And we’re up front about what that kind of commitment costs. We think it’s worth every penny. We think you’ll think so, too, when you let us put our exceptional experience, knowledge and resources to work for you.

  • Trust services
    A reliable, experienced trustee is crucial to ensuring your wishes are carried out. In us, you'll find the fiduciary and asset manager you're looking for.
  • Delaware trust administration
    Our Delaware trust administration team is powered by 50 on-the-ground specialists who understand every nuance of local trust law. And can deliver every advantage of one of the world’s most favorable and flexible trust jurisdictions.
  • Estate services
    Picking the right executor—and the right team of supporting professionals—can make a meaningful difference in how easily and efficiently your loved ones will receive their inheritance. And how well your plans are carried out.


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