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The decisions that you make about your assets now can have a profound effect on your family later. Potentially for generations. Both financially and emotionally. That’s why you carefully selected your estate planning lawyer. Weighed your options. And thought hard about the consequences. That’s also why, when J.P. Morgan serves as your executor, we take great care to get it right and ease the burden on your loved ones. And help ensure that your wealth ends up right where you want it, the way you want it to.
Nearly everyone is surprised by how arduous settling an estate can be. And what it takes to handle all the assets properly. It’s not a job you want to leave to loved ones when they’re also burdened by grief. It’s best left to professionals who have the experience, knowledge and resources to support your family.

An eye on the big picture. And every detail.

Keeping all the plates spinning. Any executor would probably agree that’s a good description of what’s involved in administering an estate. Even if it’s a relatively simple estate. And when estates are larger, the stakes only get higher.

Picking the right executor—and the right team of supporting professionals—can make a meaningful difference in how easily and efficiently your loved ones will receive their inheritance. And how well your plans are carried out.

What does an executor do?

Though it’s a complicated and meticulous task by definition, we can boil it down to three main activities:

  • Identifying, collecting, securing and valuing an estate’s assets and liabilities.
  • Preserving the value of the estate until distributions are made to beneficiaries.
  • Managing estate assets to satisfy ongoing expenses and distributions. For example, to pay debts, expenses, taxes and for professional services.

How we can work with your estate

  • As sole executor: We take complete responsibility for settlement, administration and estate disposition.
  • As co-executor: We share responsibility for oversight and administration with other individuals.
  • As an agent for the executor: An executor hires us to perform administrative duties, but retains final responsibility.

What we do

In whatever way you and your family choose to work with us, we can take care of all or any part of your estate administration needs. From probate to final distribution of assets.

Estate administration

  • Coordinate probate of your will.
  • Inventory all estate assets and value the assets for estate tax purposes.
  • Secure estate assets—cancel credit cards, review insurance coverage, transfer vehicle registrations, etc.
  • Collect all financial assets, and pay debts and expenses of estate.
  • Perform complete recordkeeping in compliance with accounting and tax law standards.

Investment management

  • Evaluate and determine reserves to meet future distributions, debts, expenses, taxes and other payments.
  • Monitor non-financial assets, such as real estate, closely held business interests, and oil, gas and mineral holdings.

Accounting and tax management

  • Collect and examine documentation, including personal bank statements, income tax returns and gift tax returns, if any, for the prior three years.
  • File and pay income tax returns for the estate. Includes preparation of estate, inheritance, income and transfer tax returns, and responding to tax inquiries and audits.
  • Coordinate preparation and approval of final accounting. 

Specialized services

  • Analyze and secure closely held business assets, assist with business succession, and make recommendations and decisions as a shareholder or partner.
  • Market and execute the sale of real estate and other non-financial specialty assets—such as artwork, collectibles and other esoteric holdings—to meet estate objectives.
  • U.S. trust services

    A reliable, experienced trustee is crucial to ensuring your wishes are carried out, no matter how complex your needs are. With our team of seasoned professionals, you’ll find the fiduciary and asset manager you’re looking for.
  • International trust services

    For clients outside of the United States, we provide our trustee and trust administrative services from 25 locations across the globe. We can help you both take advantage of asset protection benefits provided by these jurisdictions, and meet all your home country requirements.
  • Delaware trust services

    Our Delaware trust administration team is powered by 50 on-the-ground specialists who understand every nuance of local trust law. And can deliver every advantage of one of the world’s most favorable and flexible trust jurisdictions.
  • U.S. estate services

    Picking the right executor—and the right team of supporting professionals—can make a meaningful difference in how easily and efficiently your loved ones will receive their inheritance. And how well your plans are carried out.
  • Specialty asset management

    Our specialty asset teams help manage the day-to-day operations and preserve the long-term value of non-financial assets in your trust or estate, such as real property, private businesses and mineral interests.

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