Wealth structuring and strategies

Your wealth is a source of security and opportunity for you. But you also want to use it to make a difference—for your family, your community and the causes that mean the most to you. Our J.P. Morgan teams play a crucial role in helping you sort it all out—drawing from years spent mastering the resources of one of the world’s most renowned trust companies and investment firms. We share this unique perspective with you, your attorneys and your accountants to assist in structuring your wealth.
Our J.P. Morgan teams share their unique perspectives with you (and your attorneys and accountant if needed) to optimize your plan. The more complex your situation and needs become, we’ll be there with level of attention and guidance required to help you meet your goals.

How you own your assets is as important as what you own. Using the right structures can help you achieve your goals more efficiently—whether it’s for your use, passing wealth to loved ones or protecting those who are important to you.

  • Tax-aware planning and structuring

    Understanding how taxes might affect your financial plan can be a daunting task, but knowing your options is imperative. The right guidance can make a world of difference. How you invest, borrow and give all have meaningful implications, and we can help you identify the structures that best suit your needs.
  • Optimizing your estate plan

    When we help you review your estate plan, we do more than just check the boxes. We help you address the important, big-picture questions to empower you to create and implement better estate planning.
  • Cross-border wealth advisory

    Managing wealth is tough enough. Managing it over multiple countries, time zones and tax codes is even more so. We provide comprehensive wealth management services for those with international lives or families.