For people like you, giving back is often an essential part of your financial plan—as well as your life plan. It’s why the Private Bank offers a wide range of philanthropic services. We can help you identify the impact you want to have, the amount you want to give and the structure that’s right for you. Investing and operational resources. A network of thought partners. And more. No matter where you’re at in your giving strategy, our goals are always the same: help you create the impact you want to have in a way that makes the most sense for your overall financial plan.
  • Private foundations
    To be successful, private foundations, like any business, need smart business strategies. We can help you identify and implement the nonprofit sector's leading best practices.
  • Charitable trusts
    This tax-efficient wealth management tool is a smart way to support the causes you believe in and provide for your family members—during your lifetime and beyond.
  • Donor-advised funds
    Making an impact starts with choosing the right structure for your philanthropic giving. A DAF can be a good alternative to setting up a private foundation.

It is exciting to see the enormous difference even small grants can make around the world and the enthusiasm people have to help their global neighbors.