Goals-based investing and advice

Wealth provides the opportunity for an exceptional life. But to achieve it, you need to start with well-defined goals. For you and your loved ones. And possibly for your community. Once you have that clarity, you need a wealth management plan that supports it. That’s easier said than done, of course—and where we come in. Using a disciplined, step-by-step process (known in finance as the practice of “goals-based planning”), we help you identify your priorities, passions and pain points. Our goal? To help you create a direct link between the outcomes that matter most to you and the wealth management strategies that can achieve them.

Our approach to goals-based financial planning

What is goals-based financial planning? We start with the objectives and priorities you define. Then, we build a data-driven view that looks at your total holdings. The range of potential economic impacts on your financial life. The financial behaviors and preferences of you and your family. And your opportunities. After considering all of this together, we help you create a goals-based wealth plan that is truly aligned to your desired outcomes.   

Defining the purpose of your wealth

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What is my wealth for?” It’s a big one, and for most people there’s undoubtedly more than one answer. But thinking about it honestly can help you cut through the noise and get to what matters most to you. 

We use a structured process to help guide you to the answers we’ll use to create your strategic plan together. 

Aligning your wealth management strategies to your life goals

Goals-based planning goes much deeper than typical financial advice. We start with a deep understanding of your current wealth situation. We then develop sophisticated projections that can show you how certain strategies might perform and compare them to alternative scenarios—all based on what you want to accomplish with your money.

Preparing you—and your wealth plan—for significant life events

A good goals-based plan will get you where you’re going if everything goes right. A great plan can keep you on track through unexpected ups and downs and twists and turns. 

We help you build a long-term approach designed to weather the impact of significant life events. Your progress is regularly monitored and analyzed, and strategies are refined and adjusted as necessary. 

Setting and sticking to financial priorities is a challenge. A goals-based approach can clarify what you’re trying to accomplish. And whether your plan is aligned with it.