Family wealth management

Figuring out how to grow and manage your wealth during your lifetime is one thing. But when you have to start thinking about preserving wealth for what comes after, and how your loved ones might be affected, that’s a different story. Decisions you make now could change the lives of generations to come. So you can’t wait to start the conversation. Our wealth advisors understand the complex and shifting tax consequences and other challenges of family wealth. And they bring the experience of guiding hundreds of families in similar situations, all over the world. They’re ready to start that conversation with you today.
  • Family office advisory
    Our Institutional Wealth Management practice delivers the firm’s robust capabilities to family office executives with the advice, experience, ideas and bespoke service of the Private Bank to support institutional level investing.
  • Family wealth governance
    When a lot of money is at stake, family wealth governance can be critical to family harmony. We can help you put the right policies and procedures in place.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about how your financial decisions will affect your children. And their children. They’ll thank you for taking care of it now.