Business ownership and executive advisory

There is a great amount of responsibility facing many business owners and corporate executives, and we understand that. You may be so focused on your job sometimes that your personal finances don’t receive the attention they deserve. For business owners, our advisors can think through all your choices with you—pass the business on? Recapitalize? Sell? And then we can help you make the most of your choices. For corporate executives, our executive compensation advisors are aware of the big challenges you may face—and how best to address them. They’ll collectively offer innovative but practical approaches specific to you.

We’re a think tank within J.P. Morgan that studies issues facing today’s corporate execs and business owners. We’re continually innovating. The result for our clients: world-class advice.

At the heart of the way we work with you is our understanding of your unique situation and needs. Whether it’s executive financial planning or financial planning for business owners, we strive to tailor an approach that goes as deep as makes sense for your goals. If you have a concentrated stock position, for example, we can help you understand and evaluate your many options. And if you need help thinking about a succession plan for your business, or how to strategically move away from your company, we’re ready to guide you.
  • Optimizing compensation

    Understanding your awards and benefits is critical to making the most of your opportunities. We’re tapped into best practices and industry standards, and you can rely on our deep experience to help guide your decisions.
  • Stepping away from your company

    It’s never too early to start planning—whether that’s retiring, selling your business or transitioning leadership to the next generation. We can help you ask the right questions—and formulate the right answers.