Institutional investing ideas & trading

Investment opportunities can come from anywhere in the world. That’s why we have our Global Investment Opportunities group. It’s a highly integrated team of experienced, sophisticated professionals. Stationed in local markets around the world. Dedicated to finding timely opportunities—across markets and asset classes. And bringing them to you, through a single point of contact.

A comprehensive network of sources

Investment opportunities aren’t restricted to any geographical area or market sector. They can originate anywhere, span asset classes and present themselves at any time. We’re here to capture them.

Our dedicated GIO professionals in New York, London, Geneva, Luxembourg, Singapore and Hong Kong are in constant communication with their clients and with each other. They share observations and pinpoint tactical ideas as they arise, with market dislocations and secular shifts presenting their own thematic investment opportunities. We also connect you to a worldwide network of like-minded individuals who share your keen interest in markets. From this constant flow of information, we distill and generate investment ideas tailored to your specifications.

By working with a small number of clients, our independent strategy team—with access to third-party research—keeps the dialogue frequent and focused on you.

Our GIO group provides the resources of the Investment Bank with personalized service of the Private Bank. It’s an offering you simply can’t find anywhere else.

A spectrum of choices for investment oversight

We work with you across a spectrum of engagement levels. Many of our clients ask us to act as an investment manager, taking discretionary control of their investment programs, while we invest in our tactical ideas to complement their core portfolios. We also have extensive experience with clients who prefer to invest on a self-directed basis for a portion of their assets.

Whatever the case, we believe investing is a partnership. By providing the institutional level investing services you need, your Global Investment Opportunities team is here to facilitate your unique approach to the markets. Our commitment is evidenced by the resources we invest in innovation and access to the most advanced trading technology available.

Expanded capabilities and enhanced liquidity for confidence and speed to market

Using your current investments to pursue timely new opportunities can help enhance your strategy, and we provide a range of solutions to facilitate it. You can act quickly on ideas by leveraging our securities-based lending capabilities, margining financing regime, and Prime Finance portfolio margining platform, to ensure cost efficiency and portfolio stability. Should you require specialty lending capabilities, such as lending against illiquid assets, we can help you do that as well. Finally, we also offer the convenience of consolidated custody and reporting. 

  • Equities

    We take you to every corner of the global markets. Whether you’re investing in a single company’s stock or creating a portfolio of diversified equities.
  • Fixed Income

    Our specialists know the fixed-income market from top to bottom. From local municipalities to emerging markets. From corporate bonds to interest rate derivatives. And everything in between.
  • Currencies, commodities & rates

    Currencies, commodities and rates-based derivatives may provide a range of benefits to your portfolio. But they can be complex. With our guidance, access and execution, we make it easy for you to take advantage of the benefits they can offer.