Buying and selling securities? To start you need an investment specialist who can carry out your instructions efficiently, wherever and whenever. With our teams across the globe, we’ve got that covered. At the Private Bank, we give you more than just execution. Strategists. Credit Analysts. Economists. Offering advice and seeking opportunities in every region, in every sector, throughout the ups and downs of the markets. Single securities, sophisticated hedging strategies and IPOs. We give you a gateway to the market, and an experienced hand to help you navigate it.

A combination of global reach and local access

Our brokerage services provide you with much more than just trade execution. You gain specialized advice from investment professionals who approach your portfolio according to your goals. And help you adapt your strategies to multiple market environments.

With the help of the Private Bank’s brokerage services, you can build and manage your ideal portfolio across multiple investment choices and asset classes.


Access the global equity markets via the Private Bank’s brokerage services and together we’ll craft a portfolio that suits your goals and investment outlook. Have a conviction on a particular region or sector? Specific stocks? Socially responsible investing? Now you have the resources you need.

Fixed Income

The stability of high-quality bonds. The higher yields available in non-traditional markets. And the range of options beyond. As a global broker in fixed income, the Private Bank can work with you on composing unique investment strategies that fit your investment portfolio design.

Currencies, commodities and rates

Looking for a highly specialized, unique approach to markets? We have the knowledge, capabilities and outside-the-box thinking. Design a truly customized strategy including currency and commodity trading—facilitated by the Private Bank’s brokerage services.

  • Equities
    We take you to every corner of the global markets. Whether you’re investing in a single company’s stock or creating a portfolio of diversified equities.
  • Fixed Income
    Our specialists know the fixed-income market from top to bottom. From local municipalities to emerging markets. From corporate bonds to interest rate derivatives. And everything in between.
  • Currencies, commodities & rates
    Currencies, commodities and rates-based derivatives may provide a range of benefits to your portfolio. But they can be complex. With our guidance, access and execution, we make it easy for you to take advantage of the benefits they can offer.

It’s much more than an investment platform. We help you understand the asset classes and markets you trade in. And give you guidance on the best ways to do it.