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A new narrative is unfolding with the next generation.

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A new narrative is unfolding with the next generation.

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The impact of the AI revolution

Sujay Jaswa, Founder and Managing Partner, WndrCo
Jan Szilagyi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Toggle AI

With AI the hot topic of the present and future, our panel explored the potential of AI to transform industries such as education and healthcare, while emphasizing its role in empowering humans rather than replacing them.

two men and woman sat in chairs on stage in conversation

Fostering innovation

Dugal Bain, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Lifeforce
Sophia Amoruso, Founder and General Partner, Trust Fund
Courtney Reum, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, M13

When you’re sitting in a rocking chair on your front porch, what do you want to be most proud of? Our panel of successful founders introduced the audience to this guiding principle when it comes to making choices, taking risks and assessing whether those risks are worthwhile.
They also delved into what they believed to be major investment opportunities in areas such as proactive healthcare and companies that foster and facilitate human connection.

panel of people sat in chairs on stage in front of screen

Shaping your family legacy

Khalil Kinsey, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Curator and Creative Director, Kinsey African American Art & History Collection

Khalil Kinsey led an insightful conversation about his personal journey leading up to his decision to enter the family business. In his keynote session, he highlighted the challenges and the growth in finding his own voice, and shared valuable insights on how these pivotal moments contributed to shaping and perpetuating the Kinsey family legacy.

two men sat in chairs on stage looking to audience

Becoming You: Crafting the Authentic Life You Want and Need

Suzy Welch, Professor and Senior Advisor to The Brunswick Group, NYU Stern

In her unique session, esteemed author and professor Suzy Welch explored the transformative concept of transcendence as a leader, and delved into the significance of discovering and staying true to one’s authentic self in the entrepreneurial journey.

woman on stage talking to audience

Family Business: Finding your purpose and forging your path.

Jaclyn Lerner Cohen, Executive, Lerner Enterprises
Sam Bernstein, Chief Operating Officer, Chelsea Piers Fitness
Marina Hadjipateras, Co-Founder and General Partner, TMV

The entrepreneurial panel, rooted in the legacy of successful family businesses, emphasised the value of institutional knowledge to help actively contribute to the evolution of the business across generations. Their discussion underscored the importance of humility, continuing to learn from predecessors and peers, and being an advocate and voice for members of their teams.

two women and man sat in chairs on stage

The State of Play in Venture Capital

Josh Wolfe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Lux Capital
Zoe Weinberg, Founder and Managing Partner, ex/ante
Logan Bartlett, Managing Director, Redpoint Ventures

Venture capital drives innovation and economic growth. Our speakers discuss the evolving landscape, highlighting the need for adaption in the future and how AI will become transformative over time. Opinions on crypto and blockchain’s vitality varied across the panel, which reflected the debates in the VC community.

two men and woman sat in chairs on stage talking

The Real Shark Tank: Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

Olugbenga “GB” Agboola, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Flutterwave
Chris Riccobono, Founder and Executive Chairman, UNTUCKit

Their discussion underlined the determination and adaptability required when trying to navigate a successful business—emphasizing resilience, perseverance and learning from failures. But when you do get to that point of success, always think about ways to give back.

two men and woman sat in chairs on stage talking

AI: Byte-Size Brilliance

Justin Hodgson, Financial Services Senior Business Manager, NVIDIA
Tim Myers, Client Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

The AI revolution has come in various iterations before, but this time around it’s different. Our panel delved into the transformative impact of AI and how it is likely to change our daily lives, especially in language processing. But they also emphasized the need for responsible development and deployment.

two men on stage talking and smiling

Watch the event recap

During our Emerging Family Leaders event in New York, our Latin American clients enjoyed panel discussions that included tech entrepreneurs on the hot topic of AI, and a candid conversation with a former Formula 1 star who shared his story and offered valuable advice. Watch the event highlights here.

The Tech Engine of Dreams and Struggles

Deepak Chhugani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nuvocargo
Alejandro Coronado, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PagaTodo
Lucas Olmedo, Chief Executive Officer, Fligoo

How can you thrive as a tech entrepreneur in an ever-evolving tech landscape? Adapt, innovate and persevere.

four men sitting on chairs on stage

Tacos and Fitness: Balanced Insights from Today’s Entrepreneurs

Dario Wolos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tacombi
Pedro de Garay, Chief Executive Officer, GBM Group

Two remarkable entrepreneurs at the intersection of fitness and food shared their unique journeys and strategies that fueled their success.

Woman holding cue cards and sat on a chair, asking two smiling men questions who also sat

A Tale of Two Descendants: There’s No Wrong Turn

Antonio Moreira Salles, Co-Founder, Mandi Ventures
Leonardo Tavares de Melo, Business Manager, Sensatto Investments

Legacy and leadership unite. Our panel discussed the delicate balance of preserving tradition while trying to write the next chapter of family business history.

Close up of two men, one with a beard and another without talking and gesturing with hands

Social Impact: A Way Back Home

Claudia Belmont, Chief Executive Officer, Propel
Aurora Lopez Mansilla, Investor, Philanthropist and Mental Health Advocate

Latin America has an inequal distribution of wealth, making philanthropy extraordinarily important to the region. Technology can help us scale, improve efficiency and accelerate the impact of our social leaders.

Man and two women sat in chairs smiling at eachother

The Threats That Never Sleep: A Conversation on Cybersecurity

Santiago Fuentes Rivera, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Delta Protect

Latin American as a region has a significantly higher number of cyberattacks versus the rest of the world. While multi-factor authentication is important, it is the human layer that is vital.

Man talking to audience, whilst another looks on listening

Betting on the Occasion

Luana Lopes Lara, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Kalshi

Every event is an opportunity. At least that’s how Luana reshaped the way we engage with and trade on real-time events when she founded her pioneering trading platform.

Woman sat in a chair on stage talking to the audience

Rising Through the Ashes: The Phoenix

Romain Grosjean, Indy Racer and Formula 1 Driver

There a many similarities between being a race car driver and an entrepreneur. Grit and determination to name just a few. Romain shared his inspiring story of how surviving a harrowing F1 crash made him even more determined to triumph both on and off the track.

Back of woman’s head and man looking at her as she speaks to him

Watch the event recap

Our Emerging Family Leaders event in Chicago was an inspirational event which provided our next generation of decision makers with ideas and insights on how they can navigate their wealth creation journeys. Watch the event highlights here.

Chasing Greatness On and Off the Track

Allyson Felix, Olympian Track & Field Athlete; Co-Founder, Saysh
Wes Felix, All-American Track & Field Athlete; Co-Founder, Saysh

Athletes and siblings, Allyson and Wes, have accomplished greatness on the track, but the duo are now replicating the same success with their new business venture.

Brother and sister, sat on stools, talking and smiling

Real Estate Reimagined: Perspectives and Guidance for the Future

Austin Allison, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Pacaso
Tarek El Moussa, Real Estate Investor and TV Personality, TEM Capital
Roh Habibi, Principal Habibi Advisory Team and Founder, Opulent Properties

Real estate investing can be a complex road to navigate, but our panel explored comprehensive insights into the future of luxury real estate and emerging trends.

Four men sat in chairs on stage talking about real estate

An Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp

Brian Spaly, Executive Chairman, Tecovas

What is the secret ingredient to success? To some it’s failing. Brian Spaly led us in a candid conversation about when things can go wrong, and how to pick yourself up and try again.

Man sat in chair talking to audience about entrepreneurship

Cultivating Change: The Future of Food and Fashion

Kristy Caylor, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, For Days
Sam Kass, Food Entrepreneur, Acre

The fashion and food sectors are evolving, and the transformation will create opportunities for investors and consumers alike.

Woman gesturing and talking to another woman and man on the panel

Bridging Generations: Building on a Legacy, Forging Unique Paths

Justin Bridgeman, Chief Operating Officer, Bridgeman Hospitality
Eden Bridgeman Sklenar, Chief Executive Officer and Chairwoman, EBONY and Jet
Ryan Bridgeman, President, Manna Hospitality

The Bridgeman’s, Ryan, Eden and Justin, are redefining family business. While they each run their own respective companies, they make an effort to “champion each other” and ensure that the values of their businesses mirror the values of their family.

Two brothers and a sister sat in chairs on a stage with female host

When Passion Meets Purpose— One Business’s Journey to Empower Women

Brittany Underwood, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer, Akola Jewelry

Brittany Underwood’s story of how a trip to Africa turned into a global jewelry business is truly inspiring. Her advice? Look for strength and joy in the midst of adversity.

Two women sat in chairs on stage talking

Customized Convenience: Innovating a Few of Our Favorite Things

Jasper Fallucca, Director of Business Development, Palermo Villa Inc.
Mike LaVitola, Chairman and Co-Founder, Foxtrot
Nicole Wegman, Chief Executive Office and Founder, Ring Concierge

Three entrepreneurs, three different business models, one common purpose–disrupt the industry. Our panelists shared their insights on navigating through challenges to becoming success stories.

Woman and three men sat in chairs talking to eachother about innovation

A Resig Reunion: Pursuing Passions by the Chive’s Dynamic Duo

John Resig, Co-Executive Chairman, President and Co-Founder of Atmosphere and Chief Executive Officer, Chive MediaAtmosphere and Chive Media
Leo Resig, Co-Executive Chairman, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, Atmosphere

Two brothers shared a dream of entrepreneurship and leveraged their individual skill sets to find success, while having fun along the way.

Two brothers talking and laughing with panel host

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