Specialty asset management

When private business, real estate and mineral assets are part of an estate or trust, you need an administrative partner who understands more than just the market value. Our specialty asset management teams understand the day-to-day operational challenges. The long-term investment environment. And the ins and outs of complex agreements and transactions. Whether it’s a multi-tiered partnership, a diverse portfolio of commercial properties, or a portfolio of oil fields.

Managing real property and other non-financial assets for the benefit of a trust or as part of an estate takes particular skills and experience. Our specialty asset teams combine a deep knowledge of the assets they oversee with extensive experience managing them within trust and estate structures.

Servicing specialty assets held in your trust or estate

The 40+ professionals1 on our specialty asset teams help manage the day-to-day operations and preserve the long-term value of the non-financial assets in your trust or estate across three broad categories.

Private businesses

We will manage or help manage closely held business interests, such as corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. This includes:

  • Assessing the value of closely held business interests to determine whether financial planning and wealth transfer objectives are being met.
  • Informing beneficiaries of performance, including “deep dive” business reviews and soliciting beneficiary input and involvement.
  • Fulfilling day-to-day corporate administrative duties.
  • Developing corporate governance frameworks to help reduce beneficiary conflicts and provide support for long-term survival of the business.
  • Potentially selling your closely held business to generate liquidity and reduce investment concentration risks.

Real estate

We provide management solutions for properties and portfolios of properties. From on-the-ground administration to long-term planning and transactions. This includes:

  • Capital planning, hold or sell analysis, and executing sales, purchases and leasing transactions.
  • Property accounting, including collection of rent and accounts payable related to the ownership and/or operation of property.
  • Overseeing day-to-day property management and capital improvements.
  • Risk mitigation, environmental compliance, pre-transaction planning and maintenance of legacy assets over multiple generations.
  • Managing fiduciary regulatory compliance, including annual reviews, inspections and valuations.
  • Serving as a liaison among beneficiaries, the company’s management team and its advisors.

Mineral assets

We provide active business and financial management of oil, gas and other mineral assets—in the field and behind the scenes. This includes:

  • Negotiating leases, contracts and other agreements critical to the preservation and exploitation of your mineral assets.
  • Providing revenue and expense accounting for individual wells and properties.
  • Performing annual revenue and expense reviews, and conducting property tax reviews, verifications and payments.
  • Conducting due diligence research to help you monitor and navigate the risks of complex oil and gas ownership issues.

1 As of February 2020.

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    A reliable, experienced trustee is crucial to ensuring your wishes are carried out, no matter how complex your needs are. With our team of seasoned professionals, you’ll find the fiduciary and asset manager you’re looking for.
  • International trust services

    For clients outside of the United States, we provide our trustee and trust administrative services from 25 locations across the globe. We can help you both take advantage of asset protection benefits provided by these jurisdictions, and meet all your home country requirements.
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    Picking the right executor—and the right team of supporting professionals—can make a meaningful difference in how easily and efficiently your loved ones will receive their inheritance. And how well your plans are carried out.
  • Specialty asset management

    Our specialty asset teams help manage the day-to-day operations and preserve the long-term value of non-financial assets in your trust or estate, such as real property, private businesses and mineral interests.

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