Philanthropy and grants management services

What causes do you want to support—and how can you ensure your philanthropic contributions are put to the best use? Philanthropy done well requires specialized planning and attention. Our specialists are ready to help you professionalize grant making and grants management for your private foundation or charitable trust. We work closely with your key decision makers, and take on the administrative and operational tasks so you can focus on the impact you want to achieve.

Whether you need assistance with day-to-day management of your philanthropic organization, or could benefit from an entire suite of services, J.P. Morgan Private Bank is ready to help your organization reach its potential through grants management services tailored to your needs.

Services we offer U.S. philanthropists

  • Seamless client service for grants management, including coordination with the principals and others involved in daily operations of your foundation or charitable trust.
  • Service and monitoring of administrative, operational, financial and tax-related foundation account activities.
  • Oversight of the grant application process, including collection, processing, distribution and communications.
  • Protection of your philanthropic interests through screening of foundations and grant applicants. Our due diligence includes reviews of boards of directors, conflicts of interests, grantees’ finances and organizations’ stability. We also can identify additional grant recipients when funding options are limited, as well as make grant recommendations.
  • Development of strong professional relationships with nonprofit organizations and local communities.
  • Preparation of necessary materials for board or foundation meetings.
  • Verification of compliance with legal requirements and governing instruments.
  • Maintenance of files in accordance with IRS and account procedures.

Our team has decades of experience in nonprofit management and grant making. Our firm oversees more than 10,000 grant requests and distributes more than $200 million in grants annually.*

As of December 31, 2018.
  • U.S. trust services

    A reliable, experienced trustee is crucial to ensuring your wishes are carried out, no matter how complex your needs are. With our team of seasoned professionals, you’ll find the fiduciary and asset manager you’re looking for.
  • International trust services

    For clients outside of the United States, we provide our trustee and trust administrative services from 25 locations across the globe. We can help you both take advantage of asset protection benefits provided by these jurisdictions, and meet all your home country requirements.
  • Delaware trust services

    Our Delaware trust administration team is powered by 50 on-the-ground specialists who understand every nuance of local trust law. And can deliver every advantage of one of the world’s most favorable and flexible trust jurisdictions.
  • U.S. estate services

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