Optimizing your estate plan

What do you want your wealth to do in the future? For your family or other loved ones? Or for the causes you care about? We will help you optimize your estate plan around what matters most to you, making sure the people and organizations who might receive your wealth do so in the way you choose.

Deciding how and when to leave your wealth to others may seem daunting, but we can help guide you through the process and focus on the key elements. Whether it’s reviewing your documents or what structures you’ve put in place, we can work with you to make sure they truly reflect your wishes and help you make changes if they don’t.

Developing a roadmap

First, we’ll work with you to articulate your estate planning goals—whether they might include passing wealth to your children, ensuring loved ones are cared for or giving to the causes you care about.

Once you’ve defined your goals, we’ll advise you on which structures and techniques can help you achieve them. We will work with you every step of the way, providing guidance for making gifts that balance your good intentions with the benefits of different tax and wealth planning strategies.

Then we’ll work with you to review your plan to make sure it reflects your current situation. This includes ensuring your will, power of attorney, healthcare proxy and other core documents are up to date and in order. It’s more than just checking the boxes—it’s about keeping it all aligned with your wishes and goals as they evolve.

To find out how we help individuals and families create and implement estate planning strategies, talk to your current J.P. Morgan team, or contact one near you.

  • Tax-aware planning and structuring

    Understanding how taxes might affect your financial plan can be a daunting task, but knowing your options is imperative. The right guidance can make a world of difference. How you invest, borrow and give all have meaningful implications, and we can help you identify the structures that best suit your needs.
  • Optimizing your estate plan

    When we help you review your estate plan, we do more than just check the boxes. We help you address the important, big-picture questions to empower you to create and implement better estate planning.
  • Cross-border wealth advisory

    Managing wealth is tough enough. Managing it over multiple countries, time zones and tax codes is even more so. We provide comprehensive wealth management services for those with international lives or families.