Private foundation services

Whether you have an established foundation or are considering starting one, success depends on employing smart business practices. But handling the day-to-day management of a private foundation can be difficult. We provide foundation management services that can spare you from administrative and operational burdens. Our team has decades of experience in nonprofit management and grantmaking. We’ll source and screen applicants, handle correspondence and coordinate with foundation principals to help things run smoothly.

Charitable goals are at the heart of many estate plans and trusts. That’s why we work closely with key decision makers to assume the responsibility of managing their foundation. We support hundreds of organizations through our private foundation services and oversee thousands of grant requests each year.

Our foundation management services include:

  • Sourcing potential grantees and making recommendations for funding based on our field expertise and trend research.
  • Risk management and due diligence, including confirming nonprofit status and compliance with regulations, reviewing proposals, conducting screenings and site visits, and analyzing grant reports.
  • Managing an online application platform, preparing reports and maintaining electronic files.
  • Handling payments, managing required minimum distributions, sending grant checks or wires, and tracking multi-year commitments and requirements.
  • Coordinating board meeting logistics (including assembling the board book and taking notes for minutes).
  • Creating custom correspondence for approval and declination letters, as well as grant receipt agreements and grant agreements. 
  • Private foundation services

    To be successful, private foundations, like any business, need smart business strategies. We can help you identify and implement the nonprofit sector‘s leading best practices.
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