Creating a goals-based plan

What does your ideal future look like? What do you want to achieve for yourself and your loved ones? Retiring on your terms. Funding the educations of your children and grandchildren. Leaving a legacy. Everyone’s situation is different, and so are the paths they take. What we do is to help you take intentional steps toward the future you desire. And to help you make adjustments if circumstances change.

Approaching your goals with intent

To create your goals-based plan, we first work with you to understand the primary objective you have for your money. Some people may choose to focus on supporting their lifestyle goals, while others may seek to enable their wealth to last through multiple generations. We have found that our clients’ intent for their wealth falls into four categories: 

Graphic showing the four foundational intents for wealth—Spend, Divide, Preserve and Grow.

Once we’ve identified the primary intent for your wealth, and understand the goals and outcomes that are most important to you, we then work to connect your present situation with the future you desire.

Advanced analysis

Using proprietary technology, we’ll take a complete picture of your financial life—your assets, income, desired spending, etc., and use it to create an analysis that projects the current probability of you reaching your goals.

We’ll also factor in multiple market scenarios that could affect the likelihood of your success. Informed by a range of possible outcomes, we’ll work with you to develop strategies to help optimize your chances of reaching your goals, regardless of market conditions.

Do I have enough?

Establishing the resources available—now and in the future—to achieve the goals you have for yourself or your family is critical. If there is not enough, we’ll help you adjust the levels of cash flow needed can help get you back on track. If there is just enough, continual monitoring of your situation will be part of our process. And if there is more than enough, there may be more goals or opportunities to explore.

We are ready to help you build a strategy that identifies your goals and helps you work toward addressing your concerns. With regular check-ins, we can help keep you on track and aligned with your strategy.