Family governance

Approaching decisions about money as a family is significant for a number of reasons. Establishing a framework to protect your wealth, grow it or allow it to make a positive impact are all important. But family governance is also about teaching and sharing values, communicating effectively and nurturing relationships. Whether you need formal policies or just occasional family meetings, getting together to talk things through is imperative. It will help you work out the small things, and be better aligned when it’s time to make the big decisions.

Build a framework that supports your values and vision for generations

Let us help you create a family governance framework to manage your family’s wealth, including governance, succession planning and managing and transferring assets.

Building a robust family governance framework today can help ensure that your wealth—and your family’s values—will continue to thrive.

  • Stewardship, succession and the family office

    You want to prepare your family members to take a greater role in managing your family’s wealth, and inspire them to become responsible partners and stewards. We can help you start the conversation, share best practices and create a framework that’s built to last.