Fine art financing

By financing your fine art, you can find liquidity in your artwork—while keeping every piece in your possession. We can help you expand your collection, fund new investments or pursue other financial goals without disrupting your investment strategy. Fine art financing can be an important source of liquidity, while also providing financial flexibility.

Your art can be more than a passion. 

Your museum-quality paintings, drawings and sculptures can be a significant source of liquidity. With fine art financing from the Private Bank, you, as a collector, can gain: 

  • Purchase or bridge financing for the acquisition of artwork 
  • Flexibility to take advantage of investment opportunities 
  • Increased liquidity while keeping your investment portfolio intact 
  • The ability to leverage the value in your artwork and defer capital gains 
  • Attractive interest rates based on your artwork and personal credit profile 

When we build a relationship with you, we take into account your full financial picture, including assets and liabilities, liquidity needs, short-term and long-term goals. In addition to our lending, asset management and wealth transfer resources, you also benefit from our decades of experience in art-based lending. This combination helps ensure that the financing solution you choose addresses your current situation as well as your larger objectives.

Our primary focus is making sure that our clients have access to the liquidity they want and need—without endangering their collections.

  • Take advantage of a historically low-volatility asset
    The value of fine art tends to remain steady over time. As a result, collectors often use the loan proceeds for long-term investments, for example, direct private equity or commercial real estate—assets that can complement more traditional investments.
  • Diversify your sources of liquidity
    Fine art financing, an attractive alternative for accessing liquidity, may help supplement other resources, such as securities-based lines of credit, and increase financial flexibility.
  • Tax efficiency
    Defer potential capital gains that may be triggered by selling appreciated artwork. 

How your financing is structured depends upon your individual financial profile as well as your artwork. To begin, we review your personal financial information while a third-party appraisal is performed to determine your artwork’s current market value. 

Leveraging your artwork can be a valuable addition to a sophisticated wealth planning strategy.

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