Aircraft financing

If you’re considering an aircraft purchase or looking to leverage the value of your current one, J.P. Morgan Private Bank can help you with the right financing strategy. We offer borrowing solutions that can be customized to address your individual tax, cash flow and aircraft usage objectives.

Partnering with J.P. Morgan

We regularly work with the industry’s leading manufacturers, servicers and key players, and are fully versed in current tax laws, accounting rules, Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) regulations and the International Registry (Cape Town Treaty).

 Your experience with us is framed by: 

  • Deep industry knowledge. A rare depth of knowledge, as demonstrated in Business Jet Monthly, a trusted source of industry trends and news published by the firm.
  • Streamlined documentation. Legal documents ready to be tailored for most aircraft financing transactions. 
  • A smooth and effective process from the appraisal, conducted by our internal certified ASA (American Society of Appraisers) professionals, through closing.


Our deep sector knowledge, consultative approach and ability to tap into our partners on the Chase Equipment Finance team for valuation sets our offering apart.

Why finance your aircraft?

  • Find liquidity in an illiquid asset: Rely on aircraft financing from J.P. Morgan Private Bank for your purchase of a new or pre-owned aircraft, or to refinance an existing aircraft you currently own. 
  • Benefit from long-term financing with favorable terms: Aircraft have long lives. Their value tends to depreciate slowly. This means attractive pricing on fixed- and floating-rate loans. 
  • Maintain your investment strategy: Access liquidity without disrupting your investment portfolio.

Benefit from a consultative approach

Through an understanding of your financial condition, cash flow and the nature of your balance sheet, we will share financing options with you. We will help you consider the implications for each, including factors such as tax efficiency, duration and cost. This way you will be able to make a confident financing decision that is right for you. 

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