Specialty Lending

Whether you are growing a business, expanding your art collection or pursuing another passion, a customized borrowing strategy can help you realize your goals. Our lending solutions team has the specialized knowledge and experience to bring you financing options that meet your needs. We are here to help you access liquidity in the context of your overall wealth plan, no matter how complex.

As a leader in special purpose lending, J.P. Morgan Private Bank combines our wealth management, valuation and transactional knowledge to provide specialty financing guidance tailored to your situation. Wealthy individuals and families around the globe collaborate with us to find specialty financing solutions for their illiquid assets.

The Private Bank offers specialty financing options for any investment type. No matter the composition of your portfolio, we can work on a plan for buying or borrowing against your assets.

  • Fine art
    Are you looking to assess the value of your fine-art assets or borrow against other holdings in your portfolio to fund your art purchases? Tap into the specialty financing team's valuation knowledge. From Rembrandt to Rothko, we have in-depth insight into the global art market.
  • Aircraft
    Cirrus, Cessna or Citation? Our specialists have deep experience in the aviation marketplace and are here to help. Secure aircraft financing, or work to sell your aircraft, on your terms.
  • Sports teams and stadiums
    Are you thinking about making a big-ticket purchase, such as a sports-related asset? This requires highly specialized financing terms, which is where our team comes in. We strive to help you optimize your cash flow in these extraordinary situations.
  • Hedge funds
    Do you require pre-purchase due diligence or strategic advice on transaction terms? The Private Bank can assist with multiple aspects of your hedge fund investments.
  • Private equity
    We offer advice on specialty financing transactions for private equity, which aim to maximize capital appreciation, while providing acquisition and transaction guidance.
  • Fine art financing

    Whether you want to access the liquidity in your art collection or finance a new purchase for it, our lending specialists can help.
  • Aircraft financing

    Our lending specialists are an industry go-to for private aircraft financing. They're deeply knowledgeable about and connected to the aviation industry.

We can help clients unlock the value of their full balance sheet—from commercial real estate assets to concentrated stock positions.