Real estate financing

The properties you buy are unique. So are your real estate financing needs—and opportunities. At the Private Bank, we understand your circumstances and will put our deep expertise in a wide range of lending strategies to work for you. Our lending specialists can tap resources from across J.P. Morgan to deliver valuable advice and insights. All while supporting your entire wealth management plan.

Whatever your real estate financing goals, the Private Bank is ready to work with you to help achieve them. Whether you want to explore options for a mortgage on a new home, finance an investment property, borrow against your portfolio or expand your residential real estate holdings, we will work toward a plan tailored for your situation.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank offers real estate financing options for a wide range of property types.

  • U.S. residential real estate
    The Private Bank can help you secure a mortgage for your primary home and any other properties. We specialize in real estate financing involving more complex vehicles. For example, we can structure loans to trusts, LLCs and other special entities
  • Non-U.S. residential real estate
    For properties located in the UK, France, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, we offer real estate financing solutions attuned to local markets. We have on-the-ground experience in all of the world’s leading real estate markets.
  • Commercial real estate
    Expand your real estate investing portfolio beyond the residential property market. The Private Bank offers real estate financing for multifamily, industrial and other commercial property types. 
  • Property outlook
    As a trusted specialist to corporations, institutions and wealthy families and individuals, we have unique visibility into the state of the macro economy. That translates into insights that can help you capture more value in your real estate investment portfolio.
  • Mortgages

    We’re well acquainted with the needs—and the opportunities—that complex real estate financing can create. And we have the requisite skills and experience to help you identify the strategy that’s right for you.
  • Commercial real estate loans

    As an owner, your goal is to maximize the value of your commercial real estate assets. Depending on the location, collateral type and quality of the property you’re financing, we can help identify the type of funding that serves you best.