Thematic investing strategies

Our portfolio managers constantly scan the world’s markets for the themes and stories that drive the outcomes our clients are looking for. Like higher yields, new sources of return, and results that are less dependent on the direction of the broad markets. We help find opportunities in the bigger picture.

Our thematic investing strategies use a top-down view of the global economy and markets. And we’re focused on the end goal. Instead of evaluating the specific sectors, securities or security types, we hone in on achieving specific outcomes. 

J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s thematic investing approach

It’s about uncovering great stories

A dedicated team of portfolio managers and credit analysts focus on the overarching investment story. That means the market trends that are driving opportunity today—and the opportunities down the road. 

  • Multi-manager strategies include global multi-asset or single-asset class strategies. These seek to deliver attractive returns either through opportunistic sector or thematic investments.
  • Sector-focused thematic equity strategies are designed to deliver targeted investment exposure. For example, a global equity portfolio that focuses on companies that create or use the innovative technologies that are driving the next wave of digital evolution.
  • Separately managed thematic fixed income portfolios of individual bonds offer professional management with credit oversight and allow for individual customization. You may be seeking to provide an incremental return over cash. You may be seeking to generate a high level of income over a market cycle with lower volatility than the broad high yield market. 

Our suite of thematic strategies gives you the opportunity to meet a specific investment need. Or take advantage of current and emerging investment trends. It’s up to you.

  • Core managed strategies

    In investing, one size doesn’t fit all. Our specialist portfolio managers incorporate their best ideas into a portfolio fine-tuned to your individual objectives.
  • Thematic investing strategies

    Using our top-down view of the global economy and markets, our portfolio managers scan the world’s markets for the broad themes and stories that drive the outcomes our clients are looking for.
  • Institutional portfolio solutions

    Well-managed investments are crucial to your ability to make an impact. As a leading outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), we can handle your organization‘s complex investing challenges, freeing you to focus on your mission.