Core Managed Strategies

J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s core managed investment strategies can be the foundation for a lifetime of investing. We start with your goals, and consider your investment horizon, risk tolerance, tax considerations and your preferences. When you choose to invest with us, it’s the first step on a journey we take together, bringing you the most innovative approaches to portfolio management.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank's Approach to Core Managed Strategies 

A great investment portfolio is like a modern skyscraper— innovative design built on a solid foundation.

Our core managed strategies are designed to be the diversified investments that make up your long-term investment plan.

To construct a well-diversified portfolio, our teams build strategic asset allocations based on your goals and preferences. Portfolio managers then evaluate the current market environment to identify tactical opportunities with the potential to enhance your portfolio by reducing risk or enhancing performance.

Our specialists choose the best way to put their insights into practice within your portfolio through the thoughtful selection of investments across the active and passive universe.

Build your unique portfolio from a platform of choice

  • How do you think about the performance of your portfolio? Are your looking to enhance returns relative to a market benchmark over a medium to long time horizon? If so, a total return strategy may be the solution.
  • Or do you think about performance in absolute terms? Our cash-based benchmark strategies are designed for investors like you.
  • Do you need to meet the unique investment needs of a not-for-profit organization? An endowments and foundations strategy is designed to account for longer investment horizons, different tax treatment and annual spending rate requirements.

Our portfolio managers complement a long-term strategic perspective with timely, tactical opportunities to make sure they put their best investment ideas to work for you.

  • Core managed strategies

    In investing, one size doesn’t fit all. Our specialist portfolio managers incorporate their best ideas into a portfolio fine-tuned to your individual objectives.
  • Thematic investing strategies

    Using our top-down view of the global economy and markets, our portfolio managers scan the world’s markets for the broad themes and stories that drive the outcomes our clients are looking for.
  • Institutional portfolio solutions

    Well-managed investments are crucial to your ability to make an impact. As a leading outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), we can handle your organization‘s complex investing challenges, freeing you to focus on your mission.