Investing in fixed income

Most people view bonds as providing stability and income to your investments. But sometimes traditional, high-quality bonds may not be enough. That’s why we think non-traditional fixed income markets or higher yielding bonds are worth a look, when mindful of risks. We can help because we know the fixed income market from top to bottom. From local municipalities to emerging markets. From corporate bonds to interest rate derivatives. After all, we help our clients trade more than $140 billion in fixed income every year.

Putting high-level strategy to a rigorous test

The relationship between inherent value and market opportunity: that’s the key to getting the most out of any investment. Our bond market strategists, traders and credit analysts work across markets to find the right mix for you.

The goal may be to identify the best choices for your long-term portfolio, seeking income or stability. It may be to uncover the less obvious opportunities most relevant to investors like you. We canvas the entire market, but also offer access to new bond issues and preferred stocks from the J.P. Morgan Investment Bank.

Balancing the big picture…

We build our high-level outlook from multiple perspectives. From our own team of fixed income professionals. And from industry-wide, institutional research. We develop market views that drive our recommendations. 

… with great attention to detail

This is where we dig in—through detailed fundamental credit work. The result: pinpointing specific bonds and other fixed income securities that have the potential for attractive returns. And mesh with our high-level views. Our credit analysts are particularly well-versed in the idiosyncrasies of U.S. municipal bonds and corporate high yield. Their detailed credit analysis can add significant value.

To bring all that strategy and analysis to life, our traders use our 24/7, global, multi-currency platform to execute single-bond trades and sophisticated hedging strategies with the same flexibility and precision.

We start with big ideas. But we also dive into the weeds. We get to know the credit story behind our investments. That can make all the difference.

Always with your total portfolio in mind

Our fixed income teams don’t act in isolation. Our Global Markets Council brings together professionals from equities, alternatives and currencies, commodities, and rates in every region, and across our managed and brokerage platforms, to share ideas and opportunities to deliver our best, holistic thinking to you and your portfolio.