Currencies, commodities and rates

Currencies, commodities and rates-based derivatives offer opportunities to take your investments beyond traditional stocks and bonds. They can provide sources of additional income and put a high conviction point of view into action. They may also be a good hedge for specific risks in your portfolio during periods of uncertainty. We know because we have deep experience in these markets. And with our guidance, access and execution, we make it easy for you to take advantage of the benefits they can offer.

Unpacking a complex set of investments

Trading in currencies may feel “foreign” to you. You may wonder why investing in a currency that is far from home is relevant. You may think that commodities are too volatile. So why get involved? You may think that hedging a risk means taking a view, when in fact not hedging a risk is taking a view.

You’re not alone. Our investments specialists will help you navigate these often complex markets with thoughtful advice. What opportunities make sense for your total portfolio? Which don’t? We’re here to help.

We offer customized strategies and specialized trading services to help you meet your objectives. We can:

  • Execute foreign exchange spot trades, forwards, swaps and options across most global currencies.
  • Transact across energy, precious metals, industrial metals and agriculture.
  • Assist you in developing portfolio hedging strategies and executing interest rate swaps, rate options and credit default swaps, or provide customizable return profiles for a complete range of structured products on an open architecture platform.
  • Provide special services in the United States for Dodd-Frank-eligible derivative strategies, from onboarding through execution.


Always with your total portfolio in mind

Our currencies, commodities and rates teams don’t act in isolation. Our Global Markets Council brings together specialists from equities, fixed income and alternatives in every region, and across our managed and brokerage platforms, to share ideas and opportunities to deliver our best, holistic thinking to you and your portfolio.

  • Equities

    We take you to every corner of the global markets. Whether you’re investing in a single company’s stock or creating a portfolio of diversified equities.
  • Fixed Income

    Our specialists know the fixed-income market from top to bottom. From local municipalities to emerging markets. From corporate bonds to interest rate derivatives. And everything in between.
  • Currencies, commodities & rates

    Currencies, commodities and rates-based derivatives may provide a range of benefits to your portfolio. But they can be complex. With our guidance, access and execution, we make it easy for you to take advantage of the benefits they can offer.