Hedge funds and private investments

With so many hedge funds and private alternative investments to choose from, how do you identify the right fit for your portfolio? At J.P. Morgan Private Bank, we’ve curated a group of top alternative managers to help you make choices that work for you—including many opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.

An alternative to the typical alternatives platform

Alternative investments have long been a part of our clients’ portfolios. There are dozens of strategies, styles and ways to access them. But separating the exceptional from the average can be challenging.

J.P. Morgan has been a pioneer and innovator in investing in alternatives. We use insights and perspective gained from this experience to create a platform—with a number of exclusive strategies—that provides our clients a way to invest in alternatives confidently and flexibly. 

Guiding choice with an experienced hand

To select the investments on our alternatives platform, we start with three fundamental questions. What kind of strategies do our clients need? Which approaches do we believe will outperform? What new opportunities does the market offer? 

From there, a dedicated team works to identify those hedge fund and private investments managers that we believe will excel. 

Given the complexity of hedge fund investing, it’s important for our clients that we deeply understand how each manager on our platform chooses and manages investments, operates its business and manages risk.

We look for a track record of sustained success. A solid management team. A repeatable process. A proven ability to source deals.  A strong alignment with our clients’ long-term interests. 

Each year, we work with only 10 to 15 private investment managers and 40 to 50 hedge funds—a fraction of what you’ll find on less selective platforms. 

We’ve worked with many of these managers for decades. And when we don’t see what our clients need in the marketplace, we’ve often partnered with managers to create custom strategies. 

Always with your total portfolio in mind

Our alternatives teams don’t act in isolation. Our Global Markets Council brings together specialists from equities, fixed income and currencies, commodities and rates in every region, and across our managed and brokerage platforms, to share ideas and opportunities to deliver our best, holistic thinking to you and your portfolio. 

Our highly curated platform is distinctive, offering a number of exclusive investment opportunities, drawing upon the knowledge and experience of investment and research professionals from across the firm.

  • Hedge funds and private investments
    Investing in hedge funds, private equity, private credit and real estate funds has long been a part of sophisticated client portfolios and for good reason. They can be an attractive long-term complement to a traditional public stock/bond allocation.