Investing capital for good

Did you know that you have the power to change the world with your investments? Here at J.P. Morgan, we’ve made a commitment to advancing the sustainability goals of our clients, as well as reaching some of our own. We also believe in access. Access to opportunity, to economic growth, and to the ability to achieve positive environmental and social outcomes. Together, we can make a difference.
View of downtown Detroit.

Corporate Responsibility Report

A core belief of ours is that the business community has a responsibility to promote the neighborhoods it serves both socially and economically. Our firm has committed resources to help generate what we call “Return on Community.” Intentional, strategic investments to lift those who might be left behind.

Learn more about our initiatives, such as AdvancingCities, through which we combine our business and philanthropic capital to create greater economic opportunity.
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Aerial view of photovoltaic plant.

Environmental Social & Governance Report

Business thrives when communities thrive. Accountability, transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of doing good business, and that includes effectively managing environmental, social and governance matters.

Learn more about how we are addressing these matters, which we and our stakeholders view as among the most important to our business.
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A huge iceberg calves into Disenchantment Bay, St. Elias Alaska.

Climate Report

Climate change is a global challenge that presents risks for businesses and communities around the world. Our firm is halfway to fulfilling a commitment made in 2017 to facilitate $200 billion in clean financing by 2025. We are strengthening our understanding of how climate change affects our day-to-day business activities, risks and processes.

Learn more about how we are developing strategies to expand our efforts with respect to low-carbon business opportunities, policy engagement and climate risk management.
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Coastal Shoreline.

Sustainable Investing at J.P. Morgan

Sustainable investing is now a widely used strategy for achieving financial returns, and social or environmental goals. Stepping up our commitment to sustainability is a key goal because we believe the private sector plays an important role in creating solutions that help grow the economy and addressing challenges such as climate change.

Our team has everything you need to understand your options and execute your sustainable investing strategy.
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