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, with our latest insights as we closely monitor a rapidly changing world. We’re prepared to provide private banking services to help you plan, invest, borrow and bank for what’s next. .

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Meeting the wealth management needs of individuals and families

Wealth comes in many shapes and sizes. But no matter what yours looks like, we know it requires specialized private banking and wealth management services. Like a financial professional who understands your complete financial picture. A team to deliver everything you need, whatever and whenever that may be. And the convenience of a single point of contact. We’re here to help you plan, invest, borrow, and bank for the way you want to live.

Meeting the wealth management needs of entrepreneurs

Building great companies from scratch is complex. Building great wealth plans for visionaries like you is too. At J. P. Morgan Private Bank, you’ll find all the wealth management services you need—seamlessly integrated under one roof. Sophisticated lending strategies. Highly specialized financial professionals. Top-shelf service. And access to the full breadth of JPMorgan Chase.

Meeting the wealth management needs of business owners

Owning a business impacts all areas of your personal life—because you’re deeply invested in your business, literally and figuratively. Our financial professionals can provide wealth management services that help you look at the full range of issues only a business owner has to think about. Your goals. Your needs. Banking. Investing. Credit. Estate planning. Goals-based advice throughout the life of your company. Because, to you and to us, business is personal.

Meeting the wealth management needs of corporate executives

Being a successful executive comes with certain rewards—and certain challenges. Concentrated stock positions. Compensation strategies. SEC reporting. Transition planning. You need sophisticated investment advice and wealth management services designed just for people like you. That’s where our team of specialists comes in. They can guide you through these financial complexities at every stage.

Supporting family office executives

As a family office executive, you have a multi-dimensional set of responsibilities to the family, its investment portfolio, and its operating companies. You seek exceptional ideas, advice, and access both to private banking and wealth management services as well as investment bank resources. Our Institutional Wealth Management practice brings you the strength of our firm to help you solve complex family wealth challenges, from a balance sheet and business management to family governance, cybersecurity, and philanthropy.

Meeting the wealth management needs of beneficiaries

Inheriting family wealth can be overwhelming. You’re not alone in feeling this way. And you’re not alone, period. We’ve helped inheritors of wealth for more than 200 years. We’re here to provide you with the customized advice, resources, and private wealth management services you need. So that you can lead your family's legacy into the future.

Working with professional advisors

At J.P. Morgan Private Bank, we know the best advice is often a product of collaboration. That’s why we approach our work with our clients’ lawyers, accountants, and other professional advisors as true partners. We share our financial insights, points of view, and other resources to help strengthen your work. Let’s combine your acumen and ours so that we can meet—and exceed—our clients’ expectations, together.

Meeting the wealth management needs of endowments and foundations

As a board member or a chief investment officer, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From overseeing your organization’s mission to monitoring its day-to-day operations, and everything in between. Focusing on investments may be one job too many. That’s where we come in. J.P. Morgan is a trusted resource to over 300 endowments and foundations, providing wealth management services for your organization. Our Endowments & Foundations group acts as an extension of your investment committee, providing guidance, custody reporting, liquidity management, and more.

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