A couple seeks to involve their children in actively managing their family’s wealth.

Prompted by their J.P. Morgan team during their annual review, Lucia and her husband, Devon, began to consider the legacy they wanted to leave for their four children and future grandchildren. Given their concern over hefty estate taxes in the United Kingdom and their commitment to paying for the best schooling, they didn’t want to compromise on returns.

So Lucia and Devon decided to have a family discussion during an upcoming ski holiday. They discovered that an environmental theme had emerged from the conversations—from support for and investments in alternative transportation to animal conservation and sustainable textiles in fashion.

Concerned that their family’s environmental priority for their legacy wouldn’t be possible, given their desire for uncompromised returns, Lucia and Devon expressed their doubts to their J.P. Morgan team. In turn, the team shared the incredible growth sustainable investing has seen in the past decade, and how returns were proving stronger for individuals and companies that had considered ESG factors in their investments.

The team proposed a range of investment options to support the family’s environmental concerns and maintain returns. A gradual implementation plan was applied over the course of several years, and Lucia and Devon were able to grow and protect their wealth for future generations, while also aligning their portfolios with their principles.

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