The situation

Lucille,* a seasoned trusts and estates attorney, was helping her client Henry put together an estate plan that would transfer wealth from him and his wife to their children—with minimal taxes. Of course, Lucille could prepare all of the necessary documents to help make her client’s plans a reality. But Henry’s assets were multi-faceted. And Lucille wanted to stress-test the underlying economic assumptions of Henry’s planning options. So she partnered with J.P. Morgan Private Bank.   

Our approach

Our estate disposition analysis provided a snapshot of Henry’s balance sheet, its likely growth and where his wealth would go after he and his wife passed. When the couple saw the results, they were surprised to see their estates were going to pay far more in taxes than they had expected. 

In addition, using our proprietary economic modeling tools, we were able to show Henry how much he and his wife, during their lifetimes, could give to their children—while still very comfortably supporting the couple’s desired lifestyle and expected lifespans. 

Lucille agreed with this analysis and provided additional counseling, and the couple decided to implement a lifetime giving strategy. Lucille then expertly created the necessary legal documents to make it all happen. 

Five years later, Lucille asked us to help her review how the couple’s plan would work in a much-changed market. We were able to confirm for her that everything was still on track. 

*Names and details have been changed to protect our clients’ identities.