The situation

When Lisette* was in her early 40s, her mother and brother both passed away. Unexpectedly, and within two months of each other. 

Lisette was devastated. One of the hardest parts was that life didn’t pause the way she felt it somehow should. It didn’t even slow down. Bills needed to be paid on time. Finances straightened up. Houses put in order and on the market. 

A few years earlier, Lisette’s mother, Deborah, had set up a trust fund to hold her personal assets and cover housing and medical costs. The entire family had been with J.P. Morgan for a decade by then, so Deborah established the trust at the Private Bank and appointed J.P. Morgan as trustee and executor of her estate. Fortunately for Lisette. The J.P. Morgan trust officer, Julia, who had been helping Lisette’s mom, was there for Lisette during one of the most challenging times of her life.  

Our approach 

After Deborah passed, Julia reached out to Lisette, asking for a meeting to go over her mother’s finances. 

Lisette was nervous. Her mother and brother had always been the ones to handle the family finances. All the numbers, accounts and legal requirements intimidated her, and she didn’t want to ask too much of Julia. But Julia made it clear that taking care of the estate and making Lisette’s loss easier was precisely what J.P. Morgan as an executor was there for. 

“Dealing with all of this paperwork will take some time,” Julia told Lisette. “But I’ll be here as a resource throughout the whole process. And if you ever have questions, call me—any time. Just reach out to me.” 

Over the next month, Julia worked with Lisette to cash in multiple life insurance policies, CDs, IRAs and more. She helped Lisette decide what to do with family property and how best to manage her inheritance. Julia also introduced her to a private banker of her own at J.P. Morgan. 

“I met Julia at a time when I was grieving, overwhelmed and alone,” says Lisette. “I knew she had helped my mom, but I had no idea just how committed she is to her clients. Julia was there for me. I could never have sorted out my mother’s estate without her and the support of the whole Private Bank team.”