The situation

Alan was a newly successful 30-something entrepreneur living in Hong Kong. He made his first fortune developing luxury hotels and commercial real estate—but he was eager to continue to build his business and expand his opportunities beyond Asia.

A friend and colleague of Alan’s suggested he might reach out to J.P. Morgan Private Bank. Alan knew of J.P. Morgan’s reputation as a leading global financial services firm, but wasn’t familiar with the Private Bank itself. So Alan contacted J.P. Morgan’s office in Hong Kong to learn more.

Our approach

As we do with all of our clients, our relationship with Alan began with a series of one-on-one conversations. We learned about his background, his goals for the near future and long term and his appetite for risk. From there, we connected Alan to an integrated wealth management team who would continue to work with him as he explored new ventures and markets.  

J.P. Morgan Private Bank worked with Alan to:

Expand and diversify his investment opportunities

Alan already knew he wanted to invest beyond Asia. He was especially interested in U.S. and European markets. Tapping into our firm’s extensive global network, Alan’s team connected with colleagues in the regions Alan was most interested in. They provided him with insights and advice about how best to approach new markets and investments, including alternative investments he’d never had access to.  

Protect his personal wealth

Alan wanted opportunities to invest internationally, but our advisors also pointed out the risks posed by his concentrated real estate holdings. Like a lot of successful business owners, Alan’s personal fortune was tied very closely to the fortunes of his business. We helped Alan assess how to structure his assets to mitigate his concentration risk and diversify his investments.

Finance a private jet

Alan was ready to enjoy the lifestyle he had worked so hard to build. Since childhood, Alan had loved airplanes, and he decided that now was the time to buy his own. We connected Alan with our lending team, who were able to help him finance the jet using select assets as collateral—instead of divesting or using his cash reserves that were necessary for his real estate business.

Access networking events and opportunities

Alan was eager to connect with young entrepreneurs like himself throughout his region, both for personal reasons and new business opportunities. Alan was delighted to learn about J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s robust networking and events calendar, which includes speaking events featuring global leaders and experts from many different industries and geographies.

* Names and details have been changed to protect our clients’ identities